Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scalped #59

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by RM Guera

It's the penultimate issue of Scalped, and it seems that all opportunities for redemption are off the table, as the central characters of the series, and many of the peripheral ones, collide in a violent confrontation in Lincoln Red Crow's casino.

Dino Poor Bear (who was the character I was always rooting for the most) appears poised to take over Red Crow's old gang, and is leading them in an attack on their former leader.  Into the fray comes Catcher and his captive, Dash Bad Horse.  It's not long before the three are holding guns on one another.

Jason Aaron has spent fifty-eight issues preparing us for this final confrontation.  Catcher killed Bad Horse's mother, who was the love of Red Crow's life.  Bad Horse betrayed Red Crow's trust.  Red Crow is the least innocent of all three.  The relationships and connections between these three men have fuelled this book for some time, and I don't think anyone would have expected this to end any other way.

Scalped is the best comic that Vertigo has published in the last ten years.  Aaron has turned this into a subtle and nuanced study in character, and RM Guera has been a terrific collaborator from the beginning.  He really shines in this issue, with some strong images, such as that of a wooden 'Indian' in the casino burning while everyone around it tries to kill one another.

Jock's cover for this issue is stunning.  I can not wait to read the next issue; I hope that Aaron takes the time to visit some of the other characters we haven't seen much of lately, such as Red Crow's daughter, and Granny Poor Bear.

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