Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saucer Country #4

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Ryan Kelly

Paul Cornell is structuring this series with mysteries piling up upon mysteries, as Governor Alvarado (that's her name right?  I think this is the second straight issue that doesn't say it) tries to figure out what happened to her and her ex-husband that night right before the series began.

The ex shows up at her office, and sits down to explain his version of events, although Professor Kidd doesn't believe him, especially after he finds out that he'd gone to Dr. Glass, the hypno-therapist.  It's becoming increasingly clear that a number of different groups are involved in the 'alien business' in New Mexico, but that the elected officials who run the place have no clue about any of it.

Cornell's doing a great job of creating a sense of intrigue in this series, and Ryan Kelly is doing his usual phenomenal job of drawing the book.  This issue in particular has a number of scenes that are 'talking heads' only, but he fills his pages with more than enough drama to keep the interest level high.

I don't think that sales on this book have been all that impressive, so I implore you to check this comic out if you ever enjoyed The X-Files, or if you are just interested in a well-written political drama about alien abductions.

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