Saturday, June 30, 2012

The New Deadwardians #4

Written by Dan Abnett
Art by INJ Culbard

As we reach the half-way mark in Dan Abnett's alternative history comic, that posits an Edwardian England divided between Brights (lower-class normal people), Young (the vampiric upper classes), and Restless (zombies of all classes), he decides to share a little more of the mechanics of how society changed with the discovery of 'the cure'.

Chief Inspector George Suttle, a Young, is investigating the murder of another Young - the first ever to take place using methods other than the usual, like a stake in the heart.  He's doing his investigating in Zone B, where the Bright live, when a group of thugs try to rough him up.  He begins to go through some changes by being in the regions of London where people actually live, and it causes him to remember more of the man that he once was.  To contrast this, Louisa, his maid who he recently gave the Cure to, is having a hard time accepting after-life as a Young.

Abnett is having fun with this book.  He's playing with the strict social stratification of Edwardian England, but he's also telling a compelling mystery story that is full of strong character work.  This is an off-beat, but very good series, with very nice art.

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