Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spaceman #7

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Eduardo Risso

We're getting near the end of Azzarello and Risso's science fiction reality TV child abduction genetic engineering epic, and a lot happens in this issue.

Through the flashbacks, we learn more about the connection between our hero, Orson, and the 'spaceman' who is now pursuing him, Carter.  They were in a tough spot together once, and that kind of thing either builds a bond, or it creates a lasting hatred.  Guess how these two feel about each other.

In the middle of this struggle is Tara, the abducted child star of a reality webcast.  Orson is trying to protect her, but when he is distracted by Carter, another faction makes their move.  Meanwhile, the police decide that they've been strung along enough by Tara's adoptive parents, and shut down the broadcast. 

I've mentioned before how the story is really just a vehicle for Azzarello to experiment with future forms of slang, and a type of low-class argot.  That continues to be one of the more fascinating aspects of this comic for me, alongside Risso's bleak portrayal of the future.  This is a good series.

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