Saturday, September 24, 2011

Witch Doctor #3

Written by Brandon Seifert
Art by Lukas Ketner

The creators of Witch Doctor change tactics some with this issue, abandoning the done-in-one format of the first three issues (remember, there was a 'zero issue' preview in The Walking Dead) for a two-part story framed with our doctor having to explain himself to two creepy looking older people who I assume are like a witchy medical board.

This issue also gives us the secret history of the world, which is based very much on Lovecraftian creatures called Archaeons, reveals that the doctor has a 'destiny', and explains the story behind Penny, his odd, gothy assistant.  Amid all this exposition, we get a story about fish people, and see more of the relationship between the doctor and Absinthe O'Riley, who appears to be a potential rival and love interest.

What made this series work so well in the beginning was the application of medical procedures, terminology, and equipment to mystical phenomena and monsters.  With this issue, we're moving into a different territory, already familiar from books like Hellboy, but Seifert and Ketner are giving us a very well-constructed comic, with very strong characters.  So, while I liked where it was, I'm also very okay with where it's going.

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