Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet Tooth #25

by Jeff Lemire

We continue, in this issue, to see into Gus's dream or vision while Dr. Singh is operating on him after his gun shot wound of a couple of issues ago.  He finds himself in a creepy tower having to make a choice between Mr. Jeppard and Buddy, Jeppard's son who we believe is dead.

While this is going on in Gus's head, tensions between the rest of his group are spilling over in the real world.  Everyone except Jeppard and Singh want to stay in the dam they have found, and they don't really want Jeppard around.  What's not clear is how Gus is going to react to this when he wakes up.

Oh, and the last page has a couple of interesting surprises.

As always, Lemire is delivering a quality comic.  I'm impressed that, what with his writing two other books for DC, he has the time to paint the dream sequence pages, and continue to put together such a great, and great-looking comic.  Of course, Matt Kindt is coming on to handle the art for a few issues, so I guess that will give Lemire time to catch up.  I can't think of a better fill-in artist for this comic.

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