Sunday, September 11, 2011

Case Files: Sam & Twitch #20 - 25: Fathers and Daughters

Written by Marc Andreyko
Art by Greg Scott, Rodel Noora, and Bing Cansino

It took me a little while to track down the one issue of this series that I was missing, but upon finding it, I was finally able to finish off my reading of the second Sam and Twitch series.

And to be honest, this last arc was a bit of a disappointment.  The two detectives get involved in the murder of a young girl actress in the Miley Cyrus mold.  They work their way through the usual group of obsessed fans as suspects, before finding the truth to be much darker than they could have expected.  Unless, of course, they'd ever read a comic or story by Andrew Vachss, in which case, they would have known who was responsible for her death right at the beginning. 

There is a stab at relating the case to Twitch's own recent tragedies (the loss of a daughter and son), but it feels more forced than genuine, as his marital problems have evaporated completely.

The art by Greg Scott is nice, but too static.  When the girl's body is discovered, I wasn't even sure that she was dead - I had to read the next issue to find out.  That's not a way to build up suspense or interest in a story.

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