Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Stuff of Legend Vol. 3: A Jester's Tale #2

Written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith
Art by Charles Paul Wilson

Last issue, we were introduced to a second jester in The Dark, the world in which all of the action in this comic takes place.  Unlike our regular charming, ass-kicking Jester, this one is more of a pirate and scourge of the Dark.  This issue gives us his origin, and makes our Jester aware of him.

The Stuff of Legend is turning out to be a much longer series than I anticipated when I got on board, but I'm finding it to be a pretty rewarding read.  Having split the good toys up, Raicht and Smith have a lot more happening in each issue, as we check in on the group of toys trying to leave the Dark, the Jester's journey into the land of dolls (why isn't this The Valley of The Dolls?  too obvious?), and we also see the Boy, the person all the toys are trying to rescue, who is still on the train he was riding when last we saw him.

This series is sharply written, and has great art.

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