Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Li'l Depressed Boy #6

Written by S. Steven Struble
Art by Sina Grace

It's been a little while since we saw the last issue of LDB, so I was pleased to see this in my pile this week.  I especially like the cover by Charlie Adlard, of Walking Dead fame.  I'm sure it was tempting to make the state trooper look a little more like Rick Grimes...

This is another solid issue of this series where not a whole lot happens, but what there is, is very enjoyable and damn charming.  When we last saw LDB, he was on a road trip with his friend Drew, and they were getting pulled over.  It turns out that Drew has a warrant out for his arrest (something to do with writing bad cheques), and so he is taken in, but not before being allowed to drive into town, as LDB can't drive.

Once again, we see LDB in a state of helplessness, as he's stuck in a truck outside the police station, with no clear idea of what to do.  So, he phones his dad, which is I think the first that his parents have been mentioned in this series.

For another month, charm wins out of quantity of story, and LDB continues to be a book that I enjoy.

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