Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wasteland #31

Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Remington Veteto

We haven't seen an issue of Wasteland since February, which makes this story, which unfolds over a long period of time and intertwines with other 'recent' issues, a little difficult to follow.  Regardless of that, Wasteland continues to be a very good comic.  In this issue, Golden Voice, the spiritual leader of the outlawed Sunner religion, is arrested while plotting to set off bombs throughout Newbegin.  In Marcus's city, there is no such thing as a fair trial, and Goldy is taken to be publicly executed.

A lot happens in this issue - Skot and Jakob have a very interesting conversation, wherein Skot's Sunner status is revealed, and Jakob learns that Abi, his adopted mother, is still alive.  I feel like, were this issue to be read as part of a trade, all of the momentum that Antony Johnston built into the story, but which was eroded by the long wait between issues, will make this a pivotal chapter in the longer story.  The last page of this book has me intrigued.

I hope that whatever is going on with this series is getting resolved.  I know that Christopher Mitten left the title, and his announced replacement, Remington Veteto has done a fine job with this issue and the previous ones, but nothing seems to be getting the book back on track.  The next issue is going to be guest-drawn by Brian Hurtt, a known and reliable artist, but I don't know where things will go from there.  This issue does not have a letters column or text piece (aside from the usual excellent Ankya Ofsteen story) explaining what is happening.  For a long time, this comic was just about the most reliable monthly indie on the stands; it's too bad that it can't seem to reclaim that status.

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