Monday, September 5, 2011

Vietnam Journal Book Three: From the Delta to Dak To

by Don Lomax

Working my way through Transfuzion's new editions of Don Lomax's classic Vietnam War comic is a treat, despite the poor production values that make the reproduction unnecessarily grainy.  In this third volume, Lomax's journalist hero, Journal, continues to have a number of adventures with the American military.

We see life on the Mekong Delta, when Journal embeds with the Mobile Riverine Force, which patrolled the reeds looking to disrupt VC activity.  We also join American forces in a desperate attempt to hold, and ultimately give up a nameless hill in the jungle.

As usual, the character of Journal takes more risks and liberties than any journalist covering the war would have been able to do.  He is first to volunteer to rescue the injured, and also goes against command in his desire to help bring what he believes to be the family of a dead Vietnamese contact back to base (of course, they end up having VC sympathies).  While credulity is frequently stretched, it is done with the intent of providing new entry points or perspectives into the war, so it's all good.

This book is very readable.  I find it hard to put these comics down, even despite the production issues.

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