Sunday, September 18, 2011

Echo Vol. 2: Atomic Dreams

by Terry Moore

I'm very glad that I decided to check this series out.  Terry Moore has crafted a very good military weapon/espionage/super hero/fugitive story with Echo, and by making it so character driven, he's created a series that is very hard to put down.

The first volume established the parameters of the story.  Julie, a divorcing and unhappy woman witnessed a strange explosion in the sky, and was pelted with bits of a strange metal, which then bonded with her skin.  The metal came from a military battlesuit that exploded during a test (if you can call firing missiles at a flying woman a test).

Now Julie is running from the military, and from a bizarre homeless man who also has some of the suit.  She is with the Dillon, the boyfriend of the woman that had been testing the suit.

As this volume opens, the two were hiding out with a group of bikers, but that doesn't last for long, as the homeless dude finds them, and things get pretty bloody.  Julie is being pursued by Ivy Raven, from the National Security Branch.  She appears to be a gifted profiler, and makes contact with Julie in this book.  The problem is, it's very hard to tell whose side she's really on, or what her agenda might be.

Echo moves very quickly, but still packs in a number of strong character moments.  Moore's clean and clear artwork helps propel the story.  I haven't really followed Moore's career, but based on this, am starting to pick up Strangers in Paradise, and should probably check out his new comic, Rachel Rising.

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