Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Takeover

by Zion I

I've been listening to this pretty steadily since it dropped, and I've been enjoying it a fair deal. I wouldn't consider it a ground-breaking album, but it does stand up to repeated listens.

Amplive's beats are nice, with the exception of a couple of tracks that seem to me to be aiming for more commercial appeal ('DJ DJ' and 'Juicy Juice'), but generally speaking, he shows the type of talent that I've come to expect from him. I wish there were more tracks with beats as good as the ones he made on his Radiohead remix project, but what can you do?

Zumbi (when exactly did he stop being called Zion? I don't remember this at all) sounds as strong as ever, and lyrically comes correct. Guest features include Brother Ali, who sounds as good over Amplive as he does Ant, and Devin the Dude. I was especially surprised to hear Ty on here - it was his solo album on Big Dada that helped bring me back to hiphop via Ninja Tune trip-hop back in the 90's. He is not an artist I would ever associate with the Bay area sound....

In all, this is a decent album, and worth a few listens.

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