Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Literals #1

Written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges
Art by Mark Buckingham and Andrew Pepoy

It's a shame that The Literals only get their own series in the context of a crossover. There is so much fertile ground here - especially with the introduction of the Genres, a family with potential to almost rival Neil Gaiman's Endless.

The story of the Great Fables Crossover is continuing nicely - we have Bigby, Snow, Revise and Gary hunting down Kevin Thorn, while Kevin works at figuring out how to re-write reality.

This title feels much more like Jack of Fables than Fables; even with art by Buckingham, the humour and tone of the book fit with the spin-off title.

I do have two questions about this book though: 1. What's with the straight-jacket guy always shown around Kevin? Is that him? 2. I don't get the Kevin Thorn name. All the other Literals have a literal name - any thoughts?

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