Friday, May 8, 2009

Rasl #4

by Jeff Smith

As Rasl returns to the store shelves, Jeff Smith feels the need to provide a little more exposition into the reality-bending properties of Rasl's engine things.

The book begins with, and later returns to, a group of American Navy vessels in 1943, who experience some reality-jumping weirdness in an experiment gone badly. This of course has something to do with Tesla (comics go-to guy for this type of thing), but Einstein and the Manhattan Project also get implicated later on.

I like that there is a little more backstory being introduced here, as Sal, the creepy lizard guy who has been chasing Rasl, finally reveals his intentions and motivations.

A lot happens in this book, and as usual, it looks fantastic. This series is starting to pick up steam, and Smith's announcement this week that the book is going to be on a bi-monthly schedule (albeit with less pages) is a welcome one, as it will help to build momentum. I assume that only makes it sooner that we will learn what's up with the creepy Edvard Munch/Japanese horror film kid that has started popping up all over the place....

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