Saturday, May 16, 2009

Elephantmen #19

Written by Richard Starkings
Art by Marian Churchland

Continuing the Elephantmen tradition of telling stories in whatever order the creators feel like, this issue fills in the pieces missing in issue #15, where Sahara ran into Serengheti in the hospital, and later walked out with no sign of him.

This issue delves back into Sahara's life, and her rough treatment at her father's hands (not to mention his entire village). It also shows their confrontation at the hospital.

What really makes this issue stand out is the gorgeous marker art by Marian Churchland. I liked her work last issue, but this one is even better. Her soft palette suits Sahara's personality, and makes this book really stand out. Once again though, we have an Image-esque cover featuring boobs. It's hard to justify the look when we have just run through two issues that are all about featuring strong women.

I hope to see more of Churchland's art, both in this title, and in her own graphic novel, which is plugged in the back of this book. I also have to give props to Starkings for getting this book back on schedule so well. I like getting a regular fix of Elephantmen.

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Richard Starkings said...

Thanks as always for the review, ThingsILike!

Regarding the last two covers -- It's actually very easy to justify the look -- Retailers order more copies! Hopefully you're aware of the ironic juxtaposition of the covers and the stories? "IS IT ART"? "DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL"?

Or perhaps they exploit women.

Or perhaps they exploit men?