Friday, August 5, 2011

Screamland #3

Written by Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela
Art by Lee Leslie and Kyle Strahm

The new Screamland series is a lot of fun.  It follows the lives of old school movie monsters as they try to stay relevant in the modern, CGI and Twilight world that has no real interest in them.  Since the first issue, our two main characters - Carl the Wolfman, and Travis, a normal human who played a Scotty-like character on Space Path, have been investigating the murder of the Invisible Man at a fantasy convention.

They don't much care about Izzy; their issue is that he has a porn film that he made in the 70s starring all of them, and they are desperate to get it back before it is released to the public.  When this issue starts, the two wannabe detectives have split up to follow separate theories of the case.

Carl has an odd encounter with The Midnight Slasher - a Jason-type character who has found peace through Christianity and a twelve-step program for homicidal maniacs.  Travis confronts The Mass (a sentient puddle from space), and learns that he is working a slow plan to rule the planet, but he didn't kill the Invisible Man.  From there, the duo join up again, and hang out with an Elvira vampire stand-in.

While this comic is light and amusing, it is well written, and it keeps my interest.  Apparently, more happened that night back in the 70s than our heroes remember.  The next issue should be pretty interesting.

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