Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feeding Ground #6

Written by Swifty Lang
Art by Michael Lapinski

Feeding Ground has been a pretty unique comic.  With this issue, we come to the conclusion of a six-book story that has been offered as a dual-language flip book.  It's a werewolf story, involving illegal Mexican immigrants, and an American security company that acts as a front for the werewolves.

When the series started, it showed a lot of promise, but I'm afraid to say that it didn't quite hold up under the weight of what Lang was trying to do here.  I found, at different points in the story, and especially in this last issue, that the story became a little disjointed and hard to follow.

Some of the blame for that is on Lapinski, who, while a very good artist, doesn't always use the clearest storytelling techniques.

At the end, I did enjoy this comic a fair amount.  I like that the story addressed some topics that are rarely explored in comics, and I am always a fan of a good horror story that contains elements of the real world beyond vacationing high school seniors.  I would imagine that the creators have learned a lot from producing this comic, and would be interested in seeing what they come up with next.

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