Wednesday, August 3, 2011

'68 #3

Written by Mark Kidwell
Art by Nat Jones

One question that always lingers in zombie books, comics, movies, or TV shows, is if the rest of the world is having the same problem.  Well, with this issue of '68, the zombie/Vietnam War mash-up comic, we spend most of our time in Berkeley, answering that very question.

The comic opens with our usual cast in Vietnam.  The Asian soldier is still trying to get back to base with a dog and a wounded man.  The people on the base are making preparations to deal with the zombie issue (this involves a strange idea concerning tin panels and pennies), but also have time to shoot one-liners at one another in typical war comic fashion.

The Berkeley stuff is pretty interesting, as it is during an anti-Vietnam protest, attended by hippies and a small Black Panther contingent, that the zombie invasion is revealed.  As tear gas canisters start to fall, people get eaten.

What's cool about this comic is the way in which it reinterprets historical events, placing them in a zombie context.  By this point, any new zombie story needs some kind of original edge; '68's is definitely original.

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