Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Nighter #3

by David Hahn

The more I read of this series, the more I like it and the characters that populate it.

In this issue, Kit gets closer to Martha, her new house-mate who has claimed to be her guardian angel, and is generally a little creepy, and also gets a lot closer to Jim Magirl, the boyfriend of one of her other housemates.  To be fair, they had a connection before he started to date Donna, but both of them know that it's wrong.  There are other things going on too - Kit has an argument with her friend and final housemate Sally-O, but we learn nothing more about how Kit's mother died.

Basically, this is just more of the usual slacker late teen/early 20s genre, but it's a genre I enjoy.  Hahn's art is always great, but this issue looks a little looser than I remember the other issues looking.  I'd have to dig out the first two to be sure, but I find that this light style works very well with this material.

I'm definitely interested to see what happens next, especially with Martha, the oddball girl.

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