Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garrison #1

Written by Jeff Mariotte
Art by Francesco Francavilla

I picked this up because, while Mariotte can be hit or miss (loved Desperadoes, found Fade to Black was not my thing), I really like Francavilla's art.  He has a style that reminds me of a lot of older comics from the seventies (think Giordano a little), but still feels very fresh and new.  His work on books like Sorrow and Zorro has always caught my attention (disclaimer:  I did drop Zorro, but had wanted to keep with it for the art).

This new series is about a guy who has been going on a murder spree for about nine weeks.  It's set slightly in the future, and agents of the National Bureau of Surveillance have no idea who he is.  The NBS calls in support from the Homeland Intelligence Agency, and while the two agents in charge head out for dinner, the mystery man shows up and kills the HIA man, and identifies himself as Garrison, before taking off, leaving the female NBS agent with a ton of questions.

It would seem that our man has some kind of intuitive ability, but Mariotte is playing everything close to the chest in this issue.  I'm definitely intrigued, and will be picking up next month's issue.

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