Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wasteland #42

Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Russel Roehling

Last issue, Abi and Michael went their separate ways, having argued over how to get to A-Ree-Yass-I, the fabled location where they believe they were born.  This issue follows Abi on her journey.

At the beginning of the comic, she finds herself in Sunspot, a town that is central to her faith as a Sunner.  The town is not what it once was - it's done to having only twenty-three inhabitants, and all but four of them are sick with some form of plague.  Abi has the ability to heal, however, and she sets herself to work curing everyone she can.  For some reason, though, the cure doesn't work properly, for the first time ever.

This issue returns the Sunner religion to a place of prominence in the book.  Since Abi and Michael left the city of Newbegin a while back, there has been very little discussion of religion.  The people of Sunspot interpret Abi's abilities as being proof that she is one of Father Moon's children, all of whom were long believed to be dead.  It is the close attention to world building, and faith's place within that, that has made Wasteland stand out among other post-Apocalyptic comics.  I'm pleased to see Antony Johnston return to that.

This is a good character-study issue, and I'm happy for the extra insight into Abi's character.  Russel Roehling is working well as the new artist of this series, and I'm especially happy to see it return to a monthly schedule.  This issue doesn't have a text piece featuring the journal of Ankya Ofsteen, and that is missed a great deal.  Ankya is referred to in the story, which is a first for this series, but I'd prefer her story continue to be told on its own, and not just be woven into the comics.  I wonder if Michael or Abi are going to meet her on their travels...

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