Monday, December 31, 2012


Written by Viktor Kalvachev, Patrick Baggatta, and Jim Sink
Art by Viktor Kalvachev

I really enjoyed Blue Estate, Viktor Kalvachev's screwball gangster series that ended earlier this year, and I wanted to check out his earlier comics work.

Pherone was originally serialized in Heavy Metal, and is constructed that way, with a series of short chapters telling the story.  Eve is a beautiful woman who is shown seducing and killing men that she has targeted.  The thing is, every morning after a job, she has no memory of what has happened to her beforehand.  She keeps dealing with a pair of handlers who she does not like at all, and we learn that she used to have a close relationship with a woman named Cass, but for most of this book, we are as in the dark as Eve is.

Eventually, we get the full picture, and we learn what Pherone is.  This is a nicely structured story, and Kalvachev shows off his ability to use a number of different styles to tell a story.  There's definitely an element of Sin City to this book, and it should appeal to readers who like that series.  This is a good, quick read.

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