Friday, December 7, 2012

Storm Dogs #2

Written by David Hine
Art by Doug Braithwaite

I'm really enjoying David Hine's new science fiction series.  It concerns a group of cops who have been sent to a backwards mining planet where a number of attacks have been happening against workers there.

Most of this issue is centred on Jered Hofman, the team's medical examiner.  He discovers a crystal on the body of one of the men who died last issue, and evidence of drug use on all of the bodies.  From that scene, we move to the local bar, where we learn more about society on Amaranth, and its two indigenous species.

By treaty, humans are supposed to stay away from the natives, yet three of them show up in the same bar.  Hine is doing a terrific job of world-building here, as we learn more about these different races, and the structure of the whole galaxy.  It's easy to tell that he's put more thought and planning into this book than this one mini-series will ever be able to reveal, and I hope that means that we will be seeing more stories set in this world once this one is finished.

Doug Braithwaite has always been an excellent artist, but his work here gives the impression of his being completely unfettered to create as he wishes.

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