Saturday, December 22, 2012

Multiple Warheads: Alphabet to Infinity #3

by Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham can never be accused of having the most linear and clearly delineated plots, but three quarters of the way through his new Multiple Warheads mini-series (following up on an Oni Press one-shot from years ago), we are meeting lots of new characters, and are finally getting some glimpse of a greater plot.

None of this bothers me though, because Multiple Warheads is an absolutely brilliant series.  Sexica, a retired organ smuggler, and her wolf-penised mechanic boyfriend are on a road trip, and have ended up in a hotel on the Whaling Wall.  They've just been chilling, eating pastries and putting legs on their Lenin (a car).  In this issue, two of Sexica's old colleagues show up with a job for her - to break into a fabled wizard's larder; she of course takes the job.

We also check in on the other organ smuggler, who spends a few dialogue-less pages searching for the body she'd been transporting, which flew off on her last issue.  It's not clear if her story is going to run into Sexica's or not.

We also meet a couple of new characters - Moontoone, a little platypus-like creature who likes to knit hats and works as a delivery boy, and Sunshine, his dancer boyfriend.  I have no idea how these two fit into things, but again, with a book like this, that kind of thing doesn't matter in the least.

Multiple Warheads is one of the densest, most rich comics on the stands right now.  Each and every page literally drips with new ideas, clever wordplay, and numerous sight gags.  The thing is, this isn't just a psychedelic science fiction humour comic; the characters are fully fleshed-out and quite relatable. I can't wait to see how this mini-series finishes.

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