Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nowhere Men #2

Written by Eric Stephenson
Art by Nate Bellegarde

I was intrigued enough by the first issue of Nowhere Men to come back for the second, and I think now I'm hooked.

This series appears to split each issue between two related stories.  The first half of the book concerns the scientists who founded the company Worldcorp, and became the celebrity scientists of their age.  Now, those that are left, are old men, and they find that they are cut off from the world they helped create.  There is some intrigue among these guys, but it's a little unclear just what's going on with them, at least so far.

More interesting is the second half of the book, which has been following a group living in secret on Worldcorp's space satellite.  They've all come down with a strange virus that is causing parts of their body to scab over in the most unappealing way.  Last issue, they learned that they've been cut off by the company, and are basically being left up there to die.  They began working on a secret teleportation device, which should make it possible for them to get home, even though that threatens to infect the world with their virus.

In this issue, the device is made operational, although there is not enough power to properly test it.  Most of the crew sees now choice but to walk through the gateway anyway, but one person starts to argue against it, and things get pretty crazy.  We don't really know these characters, but Stephenson writes their scenes so that we care about what happens to them, and I am excited to see where they've ended up.

Nate Bellegarde is doing a great job with this book, giving it a Jamie McKelvie feel.

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