Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Massive #7

Written by Brian Wood
Art by Garry Brown

What I like most about The Massive, Brian Wood's near-future, post-environmental collapse series is the opportunity it provides for interesting settings, and the way that it frames its character development as a consequence of events.

This issue marks the beginning of 'Subcontinental', a new three-part story arc set on Moksha station, a sovereign nation built of stolen oil rigs and pacifist ideals.  The crew of the Kapital come aboard Moksha, where Ninth Wave's leader, Callum Israel, is seen as a hero of the environmental movement.  His conversation with Sumon, the director of the station, suggests that other things are happening on the station however, that may not be as positive as things seem at first glance.

The may be a surprise to Israel, but not to Mag, his right-hand man, who is chafing under Israel's ideals.  There is a growing rift among the prominent members of Ninth Wave, and it's clear that this series will be exploring that problem as much as it will the ruined future Wood has constructed.

This issue marks a few firsts for the series.  I believe this is the first time that Israel's time at Blackbell, the private military contractors, is not referenced, and this issue lacks the excellent backmatter that is usually included in each new comic.  I'm hoping that returns, as I've enjoyed the extra context to the character's lives.  As well, there is no mention of The Massive, The Kapital's sister ship, which our heroes are searching for.

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