Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Unwritten #34

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross and MK Perker

Peter Gross must be one of the fastest-working artists in the business, as he's basically drawing a new twenty-page comic every two weeks (that would be ten pages a week) lately.  Sure, he's being assisted by the likes of Vince Locke (on the .5 issues) and MK Perker on inks, but still, that is very impressive.  Especially since all of this is being done without any change in the quality of the art.

This is a big issue of The Unwritten, as Tom continues his assault on The Cabal.  Their plan to leave him powerless falls apart once Lizzie and Richie get involved, and soon, The Cabal is left in ruin.  The one thing we, the readers, have known for a while though, that Tom and his friends haven't figured out yet, is that The Cabal's true power lies in the hands (or maybe just the wooden hand) of Pullman.

This is a great, action-filled issue of a comic that has been terrific for about a year now. 

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