Friday, February 24, 2012

Morning Glories #16

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Joe Eisma

Once again, Morning Glories is an excellent value, giving us 32 pages of comics for only $3.  That alone endears me to the title, even before starting to read its wonderfully complex story.

This issue features Casey Blevins, who is more or less the main character in this comic.  A little while ago, Casey and the Morning Glories Academy guidance counselor, Ms. Hodges, made their escape from the mysterious school.  When we last saw them, they were being surrounded by soldiers, including Casey's young father.  This issue opens with them in custody, as Casey is waterboarded as part of her interrogation.  The soldiers believe she's been sent by the Chinese, since it's not likely that anyone in the military is willing to believe that the teenage girl has simply traveled back in time.

As with many issues of Morning Glories (and the TV show Lost, which it resembles so much), the issue is split between Casey's adventure in the past, and scenes leading up to her leaving home to attend MGA, which happened in the series's first issue.  Along the way, we learn a great deal about Casey's parents.

We are also given some hints as to the bigger picture, as Ms. Hodges gifts Casey with a duffel bag full of documents, cash, and instructions.  She also gives her a Jedi mind trick ability, so that people will do what she tells them to.  It's clear now that Casey won't be returning to the school as a student, and I wonder just how and when her story is going to intersect with the other students again.

Morning Glories is an incredibly cool comic, and as I said, one of the best bargains on the stands.  I'm consistently intrigued by it, and continue to look forward to learning more about the secrets of the school.

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