Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crate Digging: Seven Veils

by Robert Rich

When I found this cd among a small trove of albums that were lost for years, I could only sort of remember it.  At the time this would have come out (mid- to late-nineties), I was working at a used book and music store, where we were always listening to chill-out music.  I know for certain that this was an album that a customer sold us, and it was probably a review copy.  We played it, played it some more, and apparently at some point I decided to bring it home to me.

To my recollection, the mid-nineties were a time for capital-s Serious music in the electronic field, and Robert Rich's Seven Veils certainly fits that bill.  Here's what's written on the back of the cd-case:

Robert Rich unveils seven rhythm-charged compositions with the exotic, sensual ambience of the Middle East.  Blazingly original music and audiophile quality sound by one of the world's top electro-acoustic artists makes Seven Veils a must for any world or ambient aficionado.
That is an exact quote.  If you're wondering what that dripping noise is, it's pretension...

Listening to this tonight, I expected to hate it.  Strangely, I didn't.  Basically, this is a bunch of white folks playing Middle Eastern music with traditionally Western instruments, and some synthesizers and samplers.  It takes itself way too seriously, but as background chill-out music, it works.  Well, it works well enough.

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