Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chew #27

Written by John Layman
Art by Rob Guillory

Layman and Guillory like to push the boundaries on Chew, and this issue is no exception, as they decide to jump a year in the future (accounting for some delays) and give us issue 27 (last month we read #18).

It's an interesting storytelling technique, as we get some interesting hints as to what will happen to Tony, but don't find out too much more than that he's going to be badly injured, and won't be working for the FDA much longer.  There's no sign of Colby or Amelia, and the main character of the issue is Toni, Tony's sister who works for NASA.

It seems that Toni has a friend who collects rare breeds of frog (who doesn't), and acquired some of the Chog (chicken/frog hybrids who have shown up in the book before).  Well, Chog's breed like crazy, and have reproduced with some hallucinogenic frogs, who have now been acquired by our old friend D-Bear.  Much of this issue is designed to echo the events of Chew #1, which is pretty funny.

I'm not sure how necessary this future issue gimmick really is, but it's all good.  The one thing that can always be counted on is that this book is going to stay fresh and unpredictable, while also having a very tightly-plotted, large story.  Good stuff.

EDIT:  I have no idea why this post has jumped up in time to today, when it was written when the comic originally came out months ago...

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