Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rasl #13

by Jeff Smith

As this title gets closer to its conclusion, Jeff Smith is really picking up the pace.  In this issue, Robert Johnson invades the facility that houses the new St. George's Array, a device built following Nikola Tesla's notebooks, that can do some weird energy stuff, but with the effect of killing people and ruining whole towns.

Johnson makes his way to the centre of the facility, where he takes over the device, while engaged in a stand-off with some lady who is clearly in charge, and with Sal, the lizard-faced guy whose been hunting him throughout the series.

There's a lot of tension in this issue, as Johnson learns a few things he didn't know about his mistress (and ex-partner's wife) Maya.

It's always tough to remember what's happening in this comic, as it comes out so sporadically and tends to be a quick read when it does arrive, but Smith does an excellent job in this issue of throwing the reader right into the middle of things. 

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