Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sweet Tooth #30

by Jeff Lemire

I think just about everyone knew that things were not above board with Walter, the man in the refurbished hydro dam who has been sheltering Gus and his friends for a little while now.  This issue, Jeppard finds out the truth about Walter and Project Evergreen, at just the same time that the girls who opted to stay behind at the dam learn the same truths, but in a much harder way.

Like I said, that part of this story was kind of predictable.  The thing is, Jeff Lemire rarely goes for the predictable in his comics, and so we have Dr. Singh manipulating Gus and playing on his worst fears as he tries to convince him to abandon Jeppard and the others and travel with him to Alaska.  We are also sort-of introduced to a new character as Jeppard races back to the dam to rescue everyone.

Lemire's kept this title interesting from the start.  He doesn't go for conventional story patterns very often, and his art is always a treat.  Reading this book, it's easy to understand why DC decided to make him a central part of their New 52 (announcing this week that he's going to be taking over Justice League Dark soon, in addition to continuing his critical hit Animal Man).  What doesn't make sense to me is why more of the people who enjoy his superhero work aren't checking this series out.

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