Saturday, February 25, 2012

American Vampire #24

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Rafael Albuquerque

The third, and penultimate chapter in the 'Death Race' arc is a pretty quick read, compared to other issues of American Vampire.  In some ways that makes sense - the entire issue is built around a car chase across the desert, but I think it needed a slightly more compressed story this month.

Travis Kidd, the teenage vampire slayer is continuing his pursuit of Skinner Sweet, the vampire who killed his parents.  As their chase, which involves jumping from one vehicle to another (which happens to be on fire), and taking flying leaps over rocks, unfolds, we get to see more of Travis's childhood in an insane asylum, where he has been subjected to electroshock therapy and lectures on the dangers of 'race music'.  When he escapes, with the help of a familiar face, he quickly turns the tables on his rescuer, in a way that helps Snyder establish just what Travis is about.

We still don't know the story of how Sweet killed his family, but I presume that is coming next month.  As always, Rafael Albuquerque does an excellent job on the art, as one of the best Vertigo series just keeps ticking along.

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