Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Unwritten #30

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross, with Vince Locke

'On to Genesis', the story arc that has explored Wilson Taylor's time working for The Cabal, and his connection to the Golden Age of comics concludes with this issue, and it's another good example of just how strong this comic has become.

When the comic opens, Tom Taylor comes under attack from The Tinker, the comic book hero created by Miriam, Wilson's lover in the 1930s, and the woman he betrayed.  The Tinker is like Tom - a fictional character that somehow has a real life in the real world.  He's really Milton, Tom's half-brother.  They fight for a bit, Frankenstein's monster and the flying cat show up, and everyone has a little cat.  Basically, this issue follows the standard procedure for superhero team-ups.

I like how Tom is maturing throughout the run of this series, and is becoming a much more likeable character.  At the end of this issue, he learns something that causes him to have to step up his game in dealing with The Cabal, which then leads to the next big storyline.

I really like how Peter Gross draws The Tinker in a style that suggests the Golden Age, but is consistent with the look and feel of this comic.  Extra recognition is owed to the letterer, Todd Klein, for using an old-school font for The Tinker's speech.  Cool stuff.

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