Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prometheus Brown & Bambu Walk Into a Bar

by Prometheus Brown and Bambu

I spent some time in Seattle this summer, and figured it would be a piece of cake to find myself a copy of Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk Into A Bar, a side project for the Blue Scholar's Geo (aka Prometheus Brown) and his kasama Bambu.  I had absolutely no luck though, and had to order it off their website after I got home, which says more about the state of Seattle's lacklustre music stores than anything else...

Anyway, this is a nice little album.  It's a collection of party tracks, political tracks, and a lovely little tribute to Rashida Jones, all with a Hawaiian twist to things.

It's the politics that interests me the most, as Pro and Bambu support the notion of Hawaiian sovereignty, through the use of 'molotov tiki torch cocktail rap', and it works very well.  The comparisons between the experiences of the Philippines and Hawaii are clear, yet delivered in a palatable and sing-along-able way.

Production on this album is handled mostly by beatmakers I'm not familiar with, although Vitamin D contributes two beats, and Sabzi, the other Blue Scholar, closes off the album.  It's good stuff, even if it is hard to find in Geo's home town.

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