Saturday, October 29, 2011

Screamland #5

Written by Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela
Art by Lee Leslie

I was under the impression that Screamland was going to be an on-going series now, but seeing as there haven't been any issues solicited past this one, I suppose that it's done.  Perhaps sales weren't what the creators were hoping for, or maybe the book is simply on hiatus for a while and I'm jumping to conclusions.

Screamland is a fun sitcom-like comic starring old movie monsters and other TV celebrities of the 1970s who are struggling to remain relevant in the era of CGI and sparkly emo vampires.  This arc has been built around Carl London (the Wolfman) and Travis Walters (who is basically the guy who played Scotty on Star Trek) trying to solve the murder of the Invisible Man at a fantasy convention, and trying to recover the film reel for Phantasmagorgya, an orgy film that was made one night which the Invisible Man has threatened to reveal.

This final issue wraps up the whole affair quite nicely, and gives Carl and Travis a chance to reassess their friendship, as well as their relationships with all the other monsters and creatures they insulted through the last four issues.  It's a fun comic, and is worth checking out.  I think I preferred the art in the first arc a couple of years back, but still, this is pretty decent stuff.

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