Saturday, October 8, 2011

iZombie #18

Written by Chris Roberson
Art by Jay Stephens, with Michael Allred

This month we're given a flashback chapter, which focuses on Diogenes, the scarred and kind of surly veteran of the Fossor Corporation, the vampire and monster hunters who have begun to investigate the goings on in Eugene.  Currently, Diogenes is partnered with Horatio, who has become iZombie's main character, Gwen's, boyfriend.  Horatio found out last issue that Gwen is really a zombie, and I expected this issue to show us how that revelation affects their relationship.

Instead, we get a story about Diogenes on his first field mission, to Rio De Janeiro, to hunt a vampire infestation.  Diogenes was originally partnered with Britia, a legendary Fossor, who prefers a sword to any other type of modern weaponry.  Their trip takes them deep into the Amazon, and after handling were-jaguars, zombies, a poltergeist, and a village of dream-walkers, they finally reach the temple, and the vampires, they were searching for.

This is a useful story, in that it helps flesh out Diogenes rather nicely, and provides an interesting connection between his past and Horatio.  The art is by Jay Stephens instead of Michael Allred.  Stephens is good, but I do prefer Allred's take on these characters.

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