Sunday, October 9, 2011

King Gampo

by Prof

Earlier this summer, Atmosphere played my city as part of their Family Business tour, alongside Babu, Evidence, Blueprint, and Prof.  I calculated that the show wouldn't start on time, and that the guy I'd never heard of would go on first, so I took my time getting to the venue.  When I arrived, I could hear Prof on stage, but decided to take my time checking out the room where the merch tables were set up, and therefore basically missed his whole set.  No big deal, I figured.

At the end of the night (and it was a great night), Prof was outside handing out free copies of King Gampo.  When I listened to it, I realized I'd made a mistake in not seeing this cat live.  He's a decent rapper who specializes in the types of songs that work best with a large, exuberant audience.

I guess this is white trash rap (the Gummo-inspired cover art confirms this).  Prof raps about being poor and coming from a rough home.  On one song, he raps 'Ima be as rich as you, I just need a little time'.  He does have a unique voice, and is often pretty funny.

Brother Ali shows up to help out on one number, and another has a beat provided by Ant, proving that this guy has some serious support from the Rhymesayers camp.  He's probably an artist to keep an eye out for.  You can get the album here.

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