Sunday, January 13, 2013


by Mike Mictlan

Mike Mictlan has long been the most mysterious of the Doomtree crew.  He's not as prolific as the rest, having previously only released one solo album, and his songs don't reveal as much about him as his crewmates tend to do on their solo projects.

Snaxxx! has been released for free, but it can also be purchased in a deluxe Snaxxx! Pack at the Doomtree Store, which includes a t-shirt and other goodies.  The album has him breaking away from the crew to a certain extent, as most of this disc is produced by outside producers (2% Muck handles most of the album), and all of the rappers featured aside from POS are not Doomtree rappers.

The result is a slightly inconsistent album which balances between party songs and tracks that are more menacing and darker.  I feel that the best songs are the ones that best fit the Doomtree ethos, such as 'Dwnsze', which is produced by Paper Tiger, or 'SYKE!' and 'Let Me Know', both of which feature Stef.

I also enjoy tracks like 'Creeper Status', 'Give it to Mikey', 'HELLA FRREAL', and 'MCAD'.  I always appreciate artists that branch out and try new things, but I'm pleased to see that Mictlan is still working with his crew.

This is definitely worth checking out.

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