Friday, January 18, 2013

Saga #9

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples

One of the things that make Saga such a wonderful series is the way in which Brian K. Vaughan has developed his science fiction universe in such a way as to allow for side stories beyond the monthly check-in on Marko and Alana, neither of whom appear in this issue.

Instead, this issue is all about The Will, and Marko's ex-fiancee, Gwendolyn.  She is the person who originally hired The Will to track down our favourite little family, and she's annoyed that he hasn't done what he was paid to do.  They argue for a bit, and then The Will agrees to go back to work for her, so long as she first helps him rescue the young girl he met a few issues back on Sextillion, the sex-resort planet.

The rest of the issue is spent on having these two work to free the Slave-Girl, and in typical Saga fashion, things dont go exactly as planned, but they are very entertaining.  Having finished this issue, I find I am as interested in reading more about this new trio (not counting Lying Cat, who I love), as I am in reading about Marko, Alana, and their daughter (whose narration I found I missed this month).  I didn't expect to like Gwendolyn so much, especially since Marko hasn't portrayed her in the most positive of lights.

Vaughan and Staples are creating one of the most consistently entertaining comics on the stands with this book.

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