Thursday, January 3, 2013

Prophet #32

by Simon Roy

I have loved the work that Brandon Graham had done with this series since relaunching it early last year.  He has moved the old Extreme character into the far future, and has created a myriad of strange races, worlds, and situations for Old Man Prophet, and his various clones who work for the Earth Empire, to adventure in.  This issue, however, is not by Brandon Graham, but is instead written and drawn by Simon Roy, the artist who drew the first few issues of Graham's run.

Simon Roy first caught my eye with his excellent self-published comic Jan's Atomic Heart, which I bought at TCAF a number of years ago.  For this issue, he keeps things within the formula established by Graham (Roy often gets a story credit on this series). John Ka is a Prophet clone who wakes up on Earth and spends a fair amount of time alone (aside from an insect which has bonded with her) until she discovers that a group of feral humans are living up on the side of a mountain.

These humans have more in common with Neanderthals, and are usually raised as meat by the races that now control the Earth, but this group has learned to wield tools, and are definitely sentient.  As it turns out, they are living with another Prophet, one who was reawakened a few years ago.  This John has to choose between her mission and her new lifestyle, in a story that echoes some of the best literature built up around missionary work (it kind of reminded me of At Play in the Fields of the Lord).

Roy is an excellent artist and a strong writer.  I like what Graham does with this book, but also enjoyed getting a bit of a break from his story to explore this world in a little more detail.

This issue also has a very good sci-fi back-up story by Daniel Irizarri, who I'm unfamiliar with.

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