Thursday, January 3, 2013

Glory #31

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Ross Campbell and Ulises Farinas

According to the latest Previews, Glory is set to end with issue 34 in March.  I hope this is because Joe Keatinge's story will be finished then, and is not because the book is being cancelled due to low sales, because it really is a terrific comic, and alongside Prophet, has been the best of the Extreme comics renaissance of 2012.

In this issue, Glory, her vicious sister Nanaja, and their friends, make ready for their assault on Glory's father's stronghold in the woods of Oregon.  Opting for the most direct approach possible, the group crash Nanaja's private jet, and parachute in, expecting fierce resistance.  What they don't expect is to be offered waffles and quiet breakfast conversation.

It seems that Lord Silverfall, Glory's father, is pretty much without an army now.  He shares the story of what happened immediately after the last time he did battle with his daughter, and there are a couple more family surprises, which leads to a wonderful last splash-page.

The back-ups in this issue are drawn by Ulises Farinas, who I've only just learned about through his story Gamma, in Dark Horse Presents.  I've been enjoying that strip, but was surprised to see him use a much more detailed art style in this book, making his pages pretty consistent with the wonderful work that Ross Campbell has been doing here monthly.

I know it's difficult to recommend a book once its conclusion has been announced, but Glory has been a terrific series, and I encourage anyone who likes their superheroics to be a little left-field, or anyone who is sick of the way women are usually portrayed in comics, to check this out.

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