Saturday, January 12, 2013

Repossessed #1

by JM Ringuet

I'm down to try any new Image title these days, just about, and since I liked JM Ringuet's work on Transhuman with Jonathan Hickman a few years back, I figured this would be a safe bet.

Repossessed has a good concept.  It's about a trio who 'repossess' the bodies of people suffering from demonic possession.  They do this through a mixture of spells and firearms (I'm not quite sure what the girl is there to do, as the two men do all of this work), and they seem to be doing pretty good business.  One thing they've noticed is that lately the type of demon they've been battling has been more 'major' than they are used to, which is making their job tougher.

They are hired to look into the disappearance of a university student who has suddenly quit school to sing in Las Vegas.  They are not entirely sure that this is a proper possession, as it could just be the effect of someone trying to find herself, but after mixing it up with another major demon who has been running a motorcycle gang, it becomes clear that there is something major going on.

Ringuet is a talented artist, who does all the work in this comic.  He colours it in bright, kind of crazy colours, and gives it a very unique look.  It's a solid first issue, and it has me interested in the story.  I'll probably be back for the next issue.


JMRinguet said...

Thanks a lot for the review! I'm glad you like the book and talking about it help spread the word. Issue #2 comes February 6 and it's going to be pretty explosive!

As a side note Martha's role is to sense who's possessed and know what the Demons are. Her role will become a bit more obvious in the next issues.

thingslikei said...

Thanks for commenting JM! Keep up the great work!