Sunday, January 20, 2013

Girl and Robot With Flowers

by The Greg Foat Group

The Greg Foat Group’s new album, Girl & Robot With Flowers is an excellent example of spacey jazz.  There are twelve tracks, although the title track has six parts to it, spread throughout the album, interspersed with other tracks with titles like ‘Have Spacesuit Will Travel’ (which has two parts), ‘For a Breath I Tarry’, ‘Clear Skies Select Stick’, and ‘Blues for Lila’.  

The science fiction and futuristic elements of this disc are front and centre.  There are numerous places where the music brings to mind Vangelis’s classic Blade Runner soundtrack, and robotic bleeps and buzzes float above the music.  I also was reminded in a few places of Clutchy Hopkins, but in a more cleaned-up style.

This album, like the Group’s previous album ‘Dark Is the Sun’ is a lovely piece of work that gets better with each new listen.

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