Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #8

by Michael Kupperman

This latest issue of Michael Kupperman's whimsical anthology series isn't scheduled for release until July (it's in the issue of Previews that came out last week), but the fine people at Fantagraphics brought copies of it with them to TCAF this week-end, and I couldn't resist getting my copy early.

As always, this is a great comic.  Kupperman opens this issue with some pages from 'Red Warren's Train & Bus Coloring Book', a series of black and white images around the themes of trains (not many buses) and their peculiar mating habits.  These pages are narrated by Red Warren (I have no idea who that is) in a rather peculiar way.  Look out for the eyes!!!

The next story, 'Murder, She Goat' involves a famous lady detective who travels with a goat that helps her solve murders.  When she is invited to a party at a stately manor, the guests begin to question just why it is that people always die whenever this woman shows up. 

After that comes an extremely educational comic strip history of Bertrand Copillon, 'The Scythe', a French hero who put his scything skills to good use in the 1400s to defend his country.

Almost half of the comic is taken up with 'Moon 69 - the True Story of the 1969 Moon Launch'.  This story reveals, at long last, just how NASA was able to come up with their rocket design (a contest), where they recruited their astronauts (prison), and how the Three Musketeers saved them from Richard Nixon's sandwich bombs.  This is a very funny strip, with guest appearances by Quincy and Columbo, and with an excellent sponsor in Roman pizza garden style ranch dressing - the salad dressing that will give you syphilis. 

Kupperman is a singular talent, and his melange of old TV references with random story elements is never dull.  I highly encourage you to pre-order this comic now.

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