Saturday, May 19, 2012

Glory #26

Written by Joe Keatinge
Art by Ross Campbell

Things are ramping up in Glory, which has spent a few issues reintroducing the Rob Liefeld-created characters, making her interesting and more than a Wonder Woman knock-off.  We learned that Glory was hurt quite badly, and has been convalescing on a remote French island, where she is attended by a former ally (in a Rick Jones/Captain Marvel kind of way).  We also met Riley, a young woman who is destined to help her (although we learned last issue that she shouldn't probably do that - it's going to end badly).

This issue, the long reach of Glory's father is felt, as a strange looking creature confirms her presence on the island.  We are also introduced to a strange-looking creature named Henry, who is an ally of Glory's.

I'm enjoying the writing on this book, but really, it is Ross Campbell's art that makes this series such a winner.  He's always been just about the best artist for drawing realistic-looking women, but I love what he's doing with the more fantastical elements of this series.  Also, how wonderful is that cover?

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