Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rasl #14

by Jeff Smith

At this late stage in the game, there is very little left to say about Jeff Smith's Rasl.  There is only one issue remaining in the series, and Smith is leaving a lot of ground for it to cover.

In this penultimate issue, we see the conclusion of the confrontation between Rasl and his enemies at the St. George's Array, and follow him to another reality, where he finally tells everything to Uma.  He's pursued by Sal, the lizard-faced guy, and stuff gets a little crazy.

As always, this is a very nice looking book, with a compelling story.  The frequent delays between issues have made it rather a challenge to keep up with some of the nuances in Smith's story, and I'm sure that this series will read much better in trade or in one large omnibus edition some day.  If you like comics that involve parallel universes, or you're interested in Nikola Tesla, this series is worth reading.

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