Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wasteland #36

Written by Antony Johnston
Art by Justin Greenwood

While I'm still not over the excitement of being able to read Wasteland on a monthly basis again, I am beginning to feel that this current arc, set in the Cross Chains (aka Christian) town of Godsholm is beginning to run a little long.  Not much of consequence happens in this issue, although it is still a very good comic.

Father Affon, the leader of the town, and his head Templar, Rykerd, are searching for the missing outsiders, who are also this book's main characters.  They discover Michael, who has been torturing Gerr to learn the truth of his intentions, and attempt to kill them both.  They are interrupted by Abi, who has also found her way into the tunnels under the town.  The three escape and separate, but Michael and Gerr soon find themselves holed up in a home that has been surrounded by the townsfolk.

This is pretty much an all-action issue, and little else is revealed about the strange god-like figure who came through town a few issues ago, or about the mystery of Michael and Abi's abilities.

The 'Walking the Dust' prose page at the end of the book is as good as it always is.  I look forward to the next issue, which should bring some resolution to the Godsholm part of this story, and get our heroes out on the move again.

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