Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Unwritten #36

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Peter Gross and Rufus Dayglo

Every year since the twelth issue of this series, Mike Carey and Peter Gross have left Tom Taylor, to instead give us a story about Pauly Bruckner, a man who was cursed by Wilson Taylor into becoming a storybook rabbit.  First, he lived in a Beatrix Potter-inspired world, before escaping and finding himself on an endless staircase, leading a horde of other storybook animals on an endless quest to find his way home.  Now, another year has passed, and it's time to check in on Pauly again.

This time around, he has a new companion, The Tinker, the Golden Age superhero who is also Wilson Taylor's son, Miton.  Milton is trying to find his way into the land of the dead to look for the love of his life, but he and Pauly soon find themselves looking for safe haven from 'The Wave', a metaphysical thing that appears to be erasing fictional worlds and characters.  Early in the issue, the duo come across a stream of refugees, many of whom are recognizable as fictional, comics, and children's characters.  I recognized one of the Mr. Men, Omaha the Cat Dancer, and Pancho Sanchez, among others. 

These issues are usually very enjoyable, as Pauly is the worst type of person, but he has an ability to get others to believe in him.  This time around, Peter Gross is joined by Rufus Dayglo, who gives the book are more cartoon-ish feel.  It's good stuff.

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